Hardwood Resurfacing

Hardwood floors look beautiful in any home or business, and can be radiant if properly maintained and cared for. There are two options when considering having your hardwood floors finished, and which one we use depends on he type of finish that is already on them.

  • Option one is called “screening” and it is less expensive. The screening process is done with a rotatory floor machine that has sandpaper attached to the bottom, usually 120 grit or finer. The purpose of this process is to lightly scratch the existing floor finish in order to have better bonding of the new coats of finish that will be applied. The sanding is done with a vacuum attachment that greatly reduces the dust. This option is very popular with a polyurethane finish. This option allows the customer to enjoy a rejuvenated floor at a lower cost than the full resurfacing process.
  • Option two is sanding the floors completely and removing the old finish and color altogether. This option brings the wood back to its natural color. Sanding is more expensive, however it provides the opportunity to select a different stain color all together. Sanding is generally done with a dustless machine in three stages with different varities of aggressive sandpaper. The stain is then applied along with the finish. Generally, 3 coats of finish are used.

My Floor Needs, LLC, does offer the services of either option. Please contact us at 888-67-MYFLOOR for a free consultation to see what option that works best for you. We are dedicated to achieve your complete satisfaction.