Concrete Cleaning & Polishing

Concrete floors are becoming more popular in commercial and residential settings. The popularity increase is due to the many options that can be done with concrete and the affordability. As the options include staining, painting, coating, and stamping, the product advancement within the industry has made it an obvious consideration for your next finished floor. However, each type of finish on concrete has its own unique set of challenges for cleaning and proper maintenance. Because of this, proper chemical selection is critical to ensure the finish is not damaged.

The chemical selection required for a job varies depending on the many different options available for concrete finishes. My Floor Needs, LLC, uses chemicals that have been developed by manufactures specifically in the concrete and mason field. We do this because these companies understand the precise components that make up the floor surface and develop products to assist in cleaning and preserving. There are different chemicals needed to clean stained concrete than a natural finish. Understanding these challenges and differences leads to  much better results for your concrete floors.

If you need your concrete or mason floors cleaned and restored, please contact us at 888-67-MYFLOOR. We will be pleased to offer a free consultation. We are confident that when you make the call, you will know that you’ve selected the right company to handle your concrete and mason needs.